Welcome to Huang’s Research Group @ CUHK

Research Overview

We are devoted to applying inorganic sculptured nanopillars, fabricated by glancing angle deposition (GLAD), to

  • Surface-enhanced chiroptical spectroscopies;
  • Enantiodifferentiation;
  • Enantioselective photocatalysis;
  • Asymmetric catalysis;
  • Symmetry breaking;
  • Flexible/wearable optoelectronics;
  • Green energy generation and storage; and
  • Specific differentiation of stem cells.

Group Philosophy

  • To research with fundamental, technical and/or social impacts;
  • To enhance personal competitiveness;
  • Not to waste time invested.




Highlighted Research

Lastest Group News

“求实论坛”, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Dr. Huang made an online presentation, “Fabrication and Applications of Inorganic Chiral Nanoparticles”, in “求实论坛” at University of Science and Technology Beijing.

HKBU Faculty Performance Award

Dr. Huang was honored with Faculty Performance Award 2022 in recognition of excellence performance in Research Supervision (HKBU)

Secured funding

Dr. Huang secured深圳市科技计划项目(深港澳C类) with RMB 1 million.

ICFM 2022

Dr. Huang, with Dr. Dangyuan Lei at CityU, chaired Session D04 (Chiral Micro & Nano Materials) at International Conference on Frontier Materials 2022.

Veblen Fellow

Dr. Huang was honored with Vebleo Fellow.