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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles (#equally contribution; *corresponding author)


56. Synthesis of Bitten Gold Nanoparticles with Single-ParticleChiroptical Responses
Han Zhang, Yang Chen, Ka Kit Chui, Jiapeng Zheng, Yicong Ma, Danjun Liu, Zhifeng Huang, Dangyuan Lei, Jianfang Wang
Small (2023)2301476


55. Facet-dependent Activity of CeO2 Nanozymes Regulate the Fate of Human Neural Progenitor Cell via Redox Homeostasis
Y. Wang, Z. C. Tan, Z. Zhang, P. L. Zhu, S. W. Tam, Z. Zhang, X. L. Jiang, K. L. Lin, L. Y. Tian, L. Y. Tian, Z. F. Huang, S. Q. Zhang,* Y. K. Peng,* and K. L. Yung,*
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (accepted)



Before 2020

1. The Inhibition Effect of Benzotriazole on the Cobalt Electrode Surface in the Alkaline Solution as Probed by Surface Raman Spectroscopy and Electrochemical Methods
Z. F. Huang, B. Ren, W. Y. Wu and Z. Q. Tian,*
Chinese J. Light Scattering 14 (2002) 101-105